BORDEAUX PIT (Main Pit) - Bordeaux pit is just a few miles out of Saffron Walden near Little Chesterford and entry is via a locked gate. This water is of some 2.5 acres and is well sheltered from the prevailing West/ South Westerly winds as it sits well below the surrounding fields and sheltered by the Railway embankment to the West.

The water has three distinct sections with two main bays and an island at its northerly end, in total some 40 swims are available. At full winter levels around 6-7ft of water can be found with the swims around the island some 18" less.

This is a truly mixed fishery and contains Carp, Crucian, F1's, Chub, Bream, Ide, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Tench and Barbel.  Carp are typically from 10 - 20lb with a few bigger fish to just over 30lb, F1's run to 5 lb, Crucian's to 3lb, Ide to 2lb+, Chub to 4lb, Bream to 5lb and the Tench have been caught to 8lb with an odd Perch to nearly 3lb. Roach and Rudd are numerous.

The water is though not aimed to mirror local commercial fisheries, it has a sensible stock level but is not overstocked to provide huge catches. A good days fishing can though be anticipated in summer when not too hot and bright with the element of not knowing what you may hook next.

Winter as with any still water can be difficult but those who scale right down and feed very sparingly can still take reasonable catches.

BORDEAUX PIT - (Small Pit)

If you fancy a change from the big pit you can have a good day's fishing on the small pit at Bordeaux. It's a nice mixed fish pit with some double figure carp also Rudd, Roach, Tench, Brown Goldfish and Chub.

LONGMOOR LAKE (Whittlesford)

Mid Point Looking North 
Longmoor Lake is the correct name of what is often referred to as Whittlesford Lake.

The water is of similar size to Bordeaux but very much different in nature, where as Bordeaux is well coloured in Summer, Longmoor rarely has significant colour and can at times be quite clear. The water in many respects was considered more of a specimen lake but in early 2017 the lake was treated to just over 1000lb of Common and Mirror Carp ranging from 1 1/2lb to 3lb which are florishing and growing nicely, the lake holds a good mix of fish with Tench and Bream which both run to double figures, with an average of around 4lb. There is also a head of large Carp (around 45) these Carp range from high teens to just over 30lb. Roach, Rudd and Perch in good numbers together with a few very big Crucians and the odd Eel to some 5lb. There are a few Pike and a few Ide were stocked a few years back but rarely seen.

Saffron Walden Angling Club early 2017 put a five year plan in place to improve the lake with restocking, new swims, weed clearing and complete maintence to the venue.

The club does ask for help from any members that may want to improve SWAC's venues, please look out for posts on our Facebook Page or get in touch via our "Contact Us" tab on the main page of this website.




The club's stretch of the Ouse extends from the Junction with the Old West at Little Thetford and runs some 1.75 miles downstream.

Depth runs at around 12ft on average with deeper areas to 15ft. The water is reed and lily-fringed along most of it length and some 20meters wide. The river as all fenland waters has a fully mixed species of fish, dominated by Bream and Roach with a fair head of Tench which seem to prefer the marginal cover.


The water runs from the Great Ouse junction upstream for approx 800 yds. The river holds an excellent head of fish and summer fishing provides plenty of bites often dominated by Rudd including a good number of decent samples. Skimmers, Bream, Perch and Roach also feature. There is also a reasonable head of Tench which show throughout the length.

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